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Introduction of the mdplatform.ch at the ocassion of the first  General Assembly

15.06.2016 Live TV Talk show on the international dialogue on Migration and Development and the GFMD 2016, this Friday 17th of June 16  at 18h (in English), 19h (in French)

Download flyerWe are happy to announce a Live Talk show (!) on the role of civil society in the international dialogue on migration and development and at the Global Forum GFMD 2016. Two international experts will talk and share information with representatives of the Swiss Civil Society Platform live online TV this Friday, 17th of June 2016 starting 18h (E) and 19h (F).  Learn more »   Français »

Watch Talk Show intro  video:

02.06.2016 Training on M&D starts (English / Français)

ThumbnailVideoThe training on Migration & Development, by IOM trainers starts Tuesday, 7th of June 2016, 9.00h – 16.00h in English (learn more). Français – La formation sur Migration et Développement avec OIM formateurs commence le lundi,  6 juin 2016,  9.00h – 16.00h en français  (savoir plus).

25.05.2016 mdplatform at the Global Meeting on Migration and Development

LogoSquareLRThe Swiss Civil Society platform on migration and development (M&D) is taking part in the Global Meeting on M&D. The SDC Migration Network is hosting this meeting from the 25 to 27 May 2016 in Charmey (Switzerland) with the objective of furthering collaboration and synergies for the implementation of the migration dimension of the 2030 Agenda. With the recognition of migration as an important factor for sustainable development in the 2030 Agenda, we have for the first time ever globally accepted and nationally applicable targets on migration and development. This meeting will attempt to link what works by experience with what matters by conviction and evidence. Learn more about the event »

10.05.2016 MADE Global Newsletter Spring 2016

MADE newsletterThe MADE (Migration and Development Civil Society Network) Global Newsletter of Spring 2016 is now available
English  Français Español

04.05.2016  The 12-month work plan 2016-2017 of the Swiss Civil Society Platform on Migration and Development

The 12-month work plan of the Swiss Civil Society Platform on Migration and Development has been approved by the Core Group on its meeting of the 7th of April 2016. Learn more »

04.05.2016 Training cycle on M&D – Registration process open! – Cycle de Formation sur M&D – Inscriptions ouvertes!

TrainingCycle2Following the needs identified on the occasion of the General Assembly, mdplatform.ch is organising a fist training cycle on Migration and Development (M&D) issues. This will be given by specialized trainers of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). The training will consist of three one-day interactive trainings held in French and English, on the 6th and 7th of June, early September and End of October 2016.  Learn more »

28.04.2016 Global Photo Competition: The Other Side of Migration
(by the SDC Global Programme Migration and Development, GPMD)

GPMDPhotoCompetition2 A picture is worth a thousand words.The GPMD is launching a global photo competition to highlight the positive aspects of migration and its potential for development. Photographs have the unique ability to evoke emotions and to tell a story from a new angle. How has migration improved your life? Or the life of someone you know? Have you witnessed some of the many positive effects of migration on the lives of migrants and on societies? The overwhelming amount of sad news linked to migration all too often overshadows these positive aspects. This photo competition is about putting the benefits of migration in the spotlight, showing how it contributes to a better society and what it can do for development. Whoever you are, wherever you are, and in whatever way you or others experience migration and mobility, and its contribution to society and people’s lives – we are looking forward to receiving your photographs. The competition is open for entries until 15 May 2016. Thank you for forwarding the information to other interested persons. Further details and participation: www.theothersideofmigration.com

18.04.2016 Invitation to 26 April MADE Advocacy Webinar on CSO Shadow Reporting on SDG implementation

MADEThe MADE network organizes  a webinar on CSO shadow reporting on SDGs  on the 26 April at 16:00 CET (GMT +1).  MADE is currently in the process of exploring CSOs Shadow Reporting on SDG implementation in eight countries with coalitions of CSOs being formed and topics selected. These CSO Shadow Reports will discuss the major challenges in these countries regarding the implementation of SDGs –in particular the migration related goals and targets– and assess their governments’ implementation of the migration related SDGs as explained in the Voluntary National Review to the High Level Political Forum on 11-20 July. Apart from the CSO Shadow Reporting, the webinar will also give a brief update on the latest developments in the Global Indicator development process.  For more and registration, please see: http://www.madenetwork.org/upcoming-events/4th-made-advocacy-webinar-sdg-implementation-and-indicator-development.

.15.03.2016 mdplatform.ch elects the members of its core group

CoreGroupThe General Assembly (GA) of mdplatform.ch took place on the 10th of March 2016. This first GA allowed platform members to elect their representatives in the core group. Six seats were to be allocated, while paying particular attention to the diverse membership of the platform and ensuring all categories of organisations that are members of mdplatform.ch are represented (thematic clusters). Congratulations to the newly elected members! And we look forward to the coming collaboration and work ahead.
See the core group members here »

02.2016 Concorde’s Spotlight Report on Migration and development

ConcordeSecurity and economic interests continue prevailing in the EU’s policy and institutional approach to migration and development, says CONCORD in their new policy paper “Coherence for migration and security – and what about development?”. This paper addresses EU migration policies and Policy Coherence for Development, and the extent to which EU policies, have effectively contributed to bring about sustainable development in developing countries. Read more »

01.2016 Migration and SDG │ Migration and Development training

SDGs iconFor the last few years trainings on migration and development  “Shaping migration for sustainable development”  are co organized by GIZ and SDC and offer an opportunity to learn theory and practice of migration and development. The 2016 trainings will also be open to a limited number (2-3) of mdplatform members and require approval from SDC for finance purpose and  participation. The 2016 trainings will take place in Freiburg in Breisgau, Germany. The dates of the trainings are March 20 to 23, 2016 and October 9 to 12, 2016. Pre-registration is required until 31.1.2016, so please if interested members may address themselves at the mdplatform secretariat under info@mdplatform.ch. Please note that we also send out a special invitation to members per mail. Learn more »

12.2015 UN Human Rights Day 2015 – Exchange with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants

On 10 th of December, the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants, Mr. François Crépeau discussed with Civil Society his recent reports on “The Management of External Borders of the European Union and its Impact on the Human Rights of Migrants” and “Recruitment Practices and the Human Rights of Migrants”. mdplatform.ch invited civil society actors to share Mr Crépeau’s findings during his visit in Bern that was facilitated by the Human Security Division of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. Read more »

11.2015 Launching event of the “Swiss Civil Society Platform on Migration and Development” (mdplatform.ch).

Thlaunchinge launching took place on the 2nd of November 2015 in Bern. This kick-off event gathered more than 20 organisations, ranging from migrants associations, human rights organisations, development NGOs, trade unions and the academic institutions. The Global Program Migration and Development of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation was also represented.  Read more »

10.2015 Some reflections drawn from 2015 People’s Global Action (PGA) Day.

On 11th of October, mdplatform.ch participated in the Peoples’ pga-logo2Global Action on Migration, Development and Human Rights (PGA) in Istanbul. The PGA gathered civil society organisations preparing for the civil society days and positioning towards the state owned process of 2015 Global Forum on Migration and Development. Read more »








Welcome to the Swiss Civil Society Platform on Migration and Development. This platform shares information in the intersection of migration and development for public view and for member. You can follow us on our website online and you can share your views in our blog. You may benefit from our services by registering to the newsletter or by becoming a member of the platform.

This platform is still under construction.  For further information, please contact  info@mdplatform.ch